5 Element Healing

The foundation- Chinese Five Element Healing is one of the world's oldest healing traditions and has been in continuous use for approximately 2500 years It is an extremely complex system of medicine, based in the laws of nature, the cycles of life, and the flow of life-force energy. This life-force energy (sometimes called chi or ki), which all living beings possess, flows throughout the body in precise pathways that are called meridians. Twelve meridians run bilaterally up and down the body, and provide the foundation of our functional support, on all levels, body, mind and spirit. Our life force energy is the 'force' that rules and animates every aspect of who we are, from our physical organs and systems, to the clear functioning of the mind, to the joyful and compassionate nature of our spirit. We can only 'be' as functional and effective in our lives and relationships as the life-force energy which flows through our meridians. If there are blocks or disruptions to the flow, symptoms will appear as alarm signals to alert the patient that corrections are needed. In Five Element healing however, it is not the symptoms that are treated. A treatment is the re-establishment of the full flow of life-force energy in ALL the meridians. This begins the process of restoring your body/being to the functionality require to activate the innate, natural healing process, re-established balance throughout the systems, and begins the process of the restorations of health. In the early stages of treatment, the body/being will only be able to sustain the full flow of life force energy temporarily, soon falling back into old established patterns. With regular treatments however, the life force energy begins to 'remember' this ideal, healthy state, resumes and finally maintains this natural pattern of flow, and the patient returns to wellness. Traditionally, Five Element Healing was used as a preventive health care. For normal healthy people seasonal treatments can help keep their physical systems tuned, their emotions balanced, their mental health in check, and their spirits happy and at peace. 

Healing the Soul